3 thoughts on “The playground

  1. Hello we are from a school called Alminar in Dos hermanas, Sevilla, Spain. You have a small playground but it is very cozy, we think that you have fun there. In our playground we have 4 football camps. We also have 4 very big playgrounds. There all children have breackfast and play many games. We stay in the playground about 30 minutes every day.

  2. Hello!! We are two girls in sixt grade. We have 11years old. We love playing in the playground. Youre playground is very beautifull but our playground is bigger than yours, you have a lot of toys to play with there aren’t our there doesn’t have toys.

  3. !Hellow¬° My name is Pablo I live in Seville , Spain and I am 11years old . Your comentary is very short but is realy good . My playgraund has three fields pf futball and toy very big and can buy candys . Your playground is very beatiful and my playgraund isn’t beatiful

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