Special History class

Yesterday we have à special history class. We lived in the the Middle Ages (in the 14th century) in à monastry . There girls and boys were not together.


The girls started with writing about herbs that cure illnes, and the boys started with calligraphy. Then we switched sides.


Subject options

Hello we have Subject options once a week . Then we can choose from all our different subject for instance English, Swedish, Maths, Histori, Science,Art, IP  and many other subjects.

it is fun to have subject options. Most  of us play minecraft.

Our hobby: NERF

Our’s Hobby is Nerf. Nerf is a plastic toy that fires foam darts with a soft pice in the front. There is 7 Diffrent kind’s of Nerf (Nerf zombie-strike) (Nerf-n-strike) (Nerf-n-strike-elite) (Nerf Mega) (Nerf Rival) (Nerf vortex) (Nerf Doomlands) (Nerf Rebell)

They don’t shoot hard. It is for 5 /8 Years +.

We play on our own risks.

When you do a Nerf war you do need protecting glasses

We like to do our own Nerf Movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9J3M7RSFDQ


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Made  by:Oskar And Emil!