Geography quiz!

This country is a republic and the capital is Helsinki, This country has one associated island it called Åland,The country is famous about ”Moomin valley”

Which country is it?

made by Ida

Special History class

Yesterday we have à special history class. We lived in the the Middle Ages (in the 14th century) in à monastry . There girls and boys were not together.


The girls started with writing about herbs that cure illnes, and the boys started with calligraphy. Then we switched sides.


Our school terms

We have two school terms in Sweden the autumn term and the spring term. Autumn term start 20 August, and the spring term start ca 7 January. In 6th grad we do national test in English, swedish and Maths. During school  year we have five holidays + holidays day, winter sport holiday, summer holiday, easter holiday, autumn holiday and christmas holiday. Summer holiday are 10 weeks, winter sport holiday are 1 weeks easter holiday are 10 days, autumn holiday are 1 weeks and christmas holiday are 2,5 weeks.e

My hobby: Handball

Hello! My hobby is handball. I train handball two times in weeks, and once every week i have phys. I train on Mondays then I have phys, and  on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have normal training. I train in falun, I must take a bus to the training. My team is called FALU HK. My team won the series 2014-2015. We are 12-13 years old in my team, but im  only 11. I love handball and my handball friends, Goodbye!

handbolls bild ida

By: Ida

Our school



This is our school. We are about 65 students in our school. Our school is 102 years  old. we are 6-12 years old and the classes are from  pre-school to 6th grade. Grades 3-6 have their class rooms downstairs and pre-school to 2nd grade are uppstairs. We often laugh togheter ; )

By Ida, Anja, Anton and Wendela