My hobby: horse riding


My interest is horse riding. I have ridden Three national campionships on my pony. I have four ponies, two white and one golden Brown and one Brown and White. My horses live at  home in our stables at the farm. I ride every day of the week.



5 thoughts on “My hobby: horse riding

  1. Our hobby:paintball.
    We are four students in 6A class.We are from alminar school,it is in Dos Hermanas,Seville,Spain.We like your hobbies.We like to play paintball because we think that it’s funny and dangeorus.We like adventures.Your hobbies aren’t comun in our neighbourhood.

  2. Hello we are from Seville in Spain. We are in six grade in Alminar school. We like your ponys they are so beautifull we love animals we don’t have ponys but we play tennis. We like your blog because we don’t have a blog.

    María and Ángela?

  3. Hello!I am a student from Seville,Spain.My school is Alminar.I like horses and ponies so much.Your ponies are ver y beautiful.My grandfather haves a farm but he doesn’t have horses or ponies but grandpa haves cats,sheeps…One day I went horse riding in a horse like your ponie.I love your ponie.

  4. Hello, I am student in 6A class. I am from Seville in Spain. I’m from Aminar school. I like, your hobbies and I practice this sport but in horse. I love riding horse and I have a pon y and I like riding with her. I like your interest for this, you riding different but not galloping ponies. I love to ride every day like you but I have not mine own horse it is about my teacher friend.
    We do competitions and we now starting to jump. We have more horses than you but only one pony.
    Occasionally we play with the horses and jump with them, we wash them clean and put the mount.
    My riding club is called The Amazon.

  5. Hello! I’m Julia and I am from Spain. My school’s name is Alminar. Your horses are beautiful! I like them very much especially the white and black one. I like horse riding but I usually don’t do it. My brother goes to a school every friday to horse ride.
    I love your blog.
    Bye! ?

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