My hobby: Handball

Hello! My hobby is handball. I train handball two times in weeks, and once every week i have phys. I train on Mondays then I have phys, and  on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have normal training. I train in falun, I must take a bus to the training. My team is called FALU HK. My team won the series 2014-2015. We are 12-13 years old in my team, but im  only 11. I love handball and my handball friends, Goodbye!

handbolls bild ida

By: Ida

3 thoughts on “My hobby: Handball

  1. Hello!
    I like handball, but I love soccer.
    I’m from Sevilla, Spain and I love Sevilla F.C., I don’t like Betis.

  2. Hello we are from Seville in Spain. We are in six grade in Alminar school. We like your ponys they are so beautifull we love animals we don’t have ponys but we play tennis. We like your blog because we don’t have a blog.

    María and Ángela.?

  3. Hi! I’m a student from a School in Spain called Alminar. I like yor favorite sport. I think that is fun but I don’t play it because I think that it is a difficult sport. I also train a sport. I play football. I go training one time a week. I train On Thursdays but I also train sometimes On Tuesday. Muy team is called Alminar Soccer Schools.
    Please write me soon!!

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