Fishing in Linghed

The fishing in Linghed is very good. The most common type of fish are pike and perch. Pike and perch can be small or big. You must have a fishing license to fish in the lakes in Sweden. Here is a photo with our biggest pike ever.


By Anton and Axel

7 thoughts on “Fishing in Linghed

  1. Hello our name are :
    Eliseo,Daniel,Marta y María ?
    We like fishing but we would be scared becouse with you the fishing on your photo is enormous . There is swimingpool but you have a lake with fish. The water of our swimingpool is clear.

  2. Hello!We are Álvaro and Guillermo.We are from to the sixth grade in Alminar school.We want tell you that the fisch is so big.Here in Spain We fisching smaller fisch that in Linghed.We go fishing to the river and to the lakes.

  3. Hello! I’m Guillermo at Alminar school and I’m in sixth grade. I think your fish is so big. I also like fishing. here in Seville I go fishing but there aren’t so big fish that you have got. I go fishing in the river and the lake.

  4. I’m Alonso, at the alminar school. I have seen the text about the fish and I like it very much.I think fishing si a very interesant acktivity. I didn’t do fishing but I want to do it in the river of my mum village. I’m eleven years old and I want to meet you.

  5. Helo,muy ñame is Marta I’m 10 years old,my favorite animal is a dog.
    Your photo ttooks is very nice fishing a fish but I’m scared be cause it is enormus. I don’ do fishing because in Seville there isn’t a lake but in a beach of Cádiz you can go fishing.
    There aren’t flowers,tres,etc.
    Is fantastic your city.

  6. Hello muy name is Miguel, at the alminar school and I’m in sixth grade.I think that
    the fish is very big. I love fisching,in Chiclana In Chiclana I go fisching at the sea but there aren’t very big fisches

  7. Hi,
    My name is Richard and I’m from Alminar School, a school in Seville, Spain. I’m in 6º grade. The pike in the photo is very big and the lake is beautiful. The lakes near Seville have smaller fish than there. I like fishing and sometimes I gol to lakes and I fish pikes, carps, black bass and goatfish.???

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