Special History class

Yesterday we have à special history class. We lived in the the Middle Ages (in the 14th century) in à monastry . There girls and boys were not together.


The girls started with writing about herbs that cure illnes, and the boys started with calligraphy. Then we switched sides.


Our hobby: NERF

Our’s Hobby is Nerf. Nerf is a plastic toy that fires foam darts with a soft pice in the front. There is 7 Diffrent kind’s of Nerf (Nerf zombie-strike) (Nerf-n-strike) (Nerf-n-strike-elite) (Nerf Mega) (Nerf Rival) (Nerf vortex) (Nerf Doomlands) (Nerf Rebell)

They don’t shoot hard. It is for 5 /8 Years +.

We play on our own risks.

When you do a Nerf war you do need protecting glasses

We like to do our own Nerf Movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9J3M7RSFDQ


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Made  by:Oskar And Emil!